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FREE Domestic Shipping for Orders That Include Any DC8 Kit

We wish everyone to remain safe during the worldwide crisis. We are still fully in business, as the fine folks who do our printing are still printing and FedEx is still shipping. The mail system is also functioning, and we are able to mail orders worldwide.

We wish those affected by this to have a complete and speedy recovery. We also offer our sincere condolences to those who mourn.

*** BOOK SALE *** We are also clearing out some books from our reference library. Please visit our auctions on Ebay to see what we are thinning out *** BOOK SALE ***

Welcome to the home of DIGITAL Silk decals, a printing process we pioneered and established in 2006. DIGITAL Silk decals are an exceptionally high quality decal printed on Microscale decal paper by a professional printer, not on a desktop printer at home.DIGITAL Silk laser printed, as laser printers are best utilized to print instruction sheets and not decals.>Our latest Next Generation DIGITAL Silkdecals apply like most other "mass-market" decals, and with your skill and patience will work exceptionally well. Application instructions are included with each set. You will be best served by reading the application instructions prior to applying your decals.

We are not new to designing and manufacturing high quality decals, as DRAW Decal has been in business since 2001. We were one of the very first decal manufacturers offering a "print on demand" type of operation. We do offer a very wide range of subjects and scales because we only print decals as we need them. Some items are in stock,but the vast majority of our decal sets are printed upon demand only! We are usually able to print and ship most orders within three weeks, but sometimes this process will take a bit longer. Please be patient with us. Your order status will be set to "Back Ordered" when we send your order to be professionally printed in our next weekly print run. Our decals are as complete as possible for each subject, but please be aware that some small details and other "generic" pieces may need to be sourced from the original kit decal. We try and provide images of all of our decals we sell, and these images show EXACTLY what is included in each set. If an image for a set you wish to see is missing, please ask and we will add it as quick as we can. We also provide as complete instructions as possible, but with the internet and photos galore available to everyone for free, you will be best served to use the instructions we provide combined with the internet to be as complete as possible. We will gladly replace and correct any scheme-specific details we are missing or are just inaccurate. Mistakes happen despite our best intentions, please just let us know so we can fix them.

While we appreciate your comments and suggestions for new sets, we regret that we are unable to accept any custom requests for new subjects. We are able to offer the rescaling of any "existing" set in our line, just tell us what set you would like rescaled and we will add it to our store.

If you are able to create artwork in vector format, we may be able to print your decals for you. Please email us using the Contact link located below for more details. Please expect three to four weeks for the decal to be printed, and the minimum custom order is $25 plus postage. Sorry, but we do NOT scan and rescale other manufacturer's decals, sorry.

We are pleased to offer almost 3000 different decals and kits in our secure store!

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