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Hasegawa 727-200 Coroguard
1:200 Hasegawa 727-200 Coroguard
Our Price: $5.00

TWO complete sets of Coroguard inspar panels fitted specifically to the Hasegawa 727-200 kit.  This is for early aircraft schemes which did not yet have the wing escape paths, or for freighters. more info
727-100 Doors and Windows
1:200 727-100 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $6.00

The 727-100 was the first version of the very popular Boeing tri-jet, very few of which are still in service.  This set offers a generic door and window set for most any livery you want to create. more info
Hasegawa 727-200 Coroguard w/ Escape Paths
1:200 Hasegawa 727-200 Coroguard w/ Escape Paths
Our Price: $6.00

TWO complete sets of Coroguard inspar panels fitted specifically to the Hasegawa 727-200 kit including the wing escape paths more info
1:200 727-200 Doors and Windows
1:200 727-200 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $6.00

Decal depicts a standard door and window configuration for a 727-200, for the Hasegawa kit in 1:200 scale.  Our decal has been updated with new cargo doors, static ports and pitots. more info
US Airways Shuttle 727-200s
1:200 US Airways Shuttle 727-200s
Our Price: $8.00

USAir took over the Trump Shuttle operation in 1992 from Donald Trump, who had purchased the Shuttle operation from Eastern Airlines in 1989, as that once-great airline had begun its spiral into the history books.  Initially, the aircraft were painted in a modified version of USAir's paint scheme of the time, with a white fuselage, and Shuttle titles.  When USAir changed its name to US Airways and introduced a new livery, four of the 727-200s in the Shuttle fleet were repainted into one of the most attractive schemes to grace the Tri-Jet.  This decal has been updated to include double-struck white ink. more info
USAir 1989 Scheme 727-200s
1:200 USAir 1989 Scheme 727-200s
Our Price: $8.00

USAir introduced a new corporate color scheme in August 1989, at the time of the final integration of Piedmont Airlines.  The aircraft were overall bare metal, with light gray wings, wing-body fairing, horizontal stabilizers, #2 inlet section, gear doors, and radome. more info
FAA 727-100s
1:200 FAA 727-100s
Our Price: $8.00

Over the years, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has operated an impressive array of different aircraft types.  This decal provides the markings for two Boeing 727-100s that were painted in the white and blue scheme worn during the 1980s. more info
Emery Worldwide 727-200Fs
1:200 Emery Worldwide 727-200Fs
Our Price: $8.00

Prior to the termination of a long-term contract in 2004, Ryan International Airlines operated 11 Boeing 727-200 freighters for Emery Worldwide, in full Emery colors.  The aircraft were owned by Emery, but leased to Ryan.  Eight non-advanced ex-United Airlines 727-222s were acquired in 1994-95, followed by three Advanced 727-225s in 1999 (coming from Northwest Airlines). more info
Emery Worldwide 727-100Fs
1:200 Emery Worldwide 727-100Fs
Our Price: $8.00

At one time, Emery Worldwide owned a large fleet of Boeing 727-100 aircraft.  Throughout most of their time with Emery, the aircraft were operated under contract by Ryan International Airlines in Emery colors.  The aircraft were acquired beginning in the 1980s, and originally operated in a mostly red color scheme.  In the late 80s, Emery adopted a new livery featuring red and green stripes depicted by this set. more info
Custom Air Transport 727-200Fs
1:200 Custom Air Transport 727-200Fs
Our Price: $8.00

Founded in 1995, Custom Air Transport (CAT) was a U.S. charter cargo airline.   Custom Air introduced a new paint scheme for its Boeing 727-200 fleet in 2004, appropriately with a cat logo on the tail.  Though the airline has operated 727-100s in the past, only the 727-200s received this new livery.  CAT eventually was shut down in 2012. more info
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