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MD11 Doors and Windows
1:200 MD11 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $8.00

Decal fits the Hasegawa kit in 1:200 scale.    All MD11s have the same door and window arrangement, check prototype photos for specific blanked window locations. more info
Lufthansa Cargo WOW MD11F
1:200 Lufthansa Cargo WOW MD11F
Our Price: $8.00

For a period in the mid-2000s, MD-11F D-ALCE of Lufthansa Cargo wore a special paint scheme to mark Lufthansa’s membership in the WOW cargo alliance (along with Japan Airlines, SAS and Singapore Airlines).  This decal provides the markings for D-ALCE in this scheme. more info
Hasegawa MD11 Coroguard, Full Set
1:200 Hasegawa MD11 Coroguard, Upper
Our Price: $8.00

Upper wing and horizontal stabilizer Coroguard inspar panels fitted specifically to the Hasegawa MD11 kit. more info
Finnair Santa Claus MD11 OH-LGC
1:200 Finnair Santa Claus MD11 OH-LGC
Our Price: $10.00

In the late 1990's, Finnair MD11 OH-LGC wore a special "Moomins" scheme in the summer then reverted into this "Santa Claus" scheme for at least one winter season.  Finnair is also known as the "Official Airline of Santa Claus." more info
World Airways "Retro" MD11 N803DE
1:200 World Airways "Retro" MD11 N803DE
Our Price: $10.00

Painted to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of "Operation Babylift" to return Vietnamese adoptees to Ho Chi Minh City, World Airways painted MD11 N803DE in these "retro" colors. more info
1:200 KLM MD11s
Our Price: $10.00

KLM revised its corporate color scheme in late 2002. This scheme makes for one of the most attractive MD-11s plying the skies today. This set depicts the nine MD11s in KLM's fleet which are now being retired from service, as KLM is the last scheduled carrier to operate the passenger MD11. Our decal includes all of the registrations and corresponding ship names for the KLM MD11 fleet. more info
Swiss / Swiss Asia MD11s
1:200 Swiss / Swiss Asia MD11s
Our Price: $10.00

Following the 2001 bankruptcy and collapse of Swissair, the airline's assets were sold to Crossair, which had previously been the regional partner airline of Swissair.  Crossair changed its name to became Swiss International Airlines and took up where Swissair had left off.  Prior to their final retirement, most of Swissair's MD-11 fleet was operated by Swiss International.  Five aircraft received the full color scheme (HB-IWC, IWE, IWI, IWK, and IWO), but most of the MD-11s wore a hybrid scheme that retained the basic paint of Swissair, but with Swiss titles.  Our decal covers the final scheme as well as the various hybrid schemes including Swiss Asia.  All of the white markings in this set have been double-printed to ensure opacity. more info
Lufthansa Cargo MD11Fs
1:200 Lufthansa Cargo MD11Fs
Our Price: $10.00

Lufthansa Cargo operates a large fleet of MD-11 Freighters, including D-ALCN, the last MD-11 built.  The  "Mega " Dogs began arriving in 1998, and replaced the older Boeing 747-200Fs that preceded them.  At one time, there were 19 aircraft in the fleet.  D-ALCQ crashed on landing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in July 2010, though thankfully, the crew escaped unharmed. more info
FedEx DC-10, MD-10 and MD11Fs
1:200 FedEx DC-10, MD-10 and MD11Fs
Our Price: $10.00

U.S. express carrier FedEx operates the world's largest fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and MD-11 aircraft.  In total, 104 DC-10s and 74 MD-11s have served in the fleet.  All of the DC-10s (DC-10-10s, DC-10-30s and MD-10 conversions) are powered by GE CF6 engines.  The MD-11 fleet features aircraft with both GE and Pratt & Whitney engines.  This set will allow you to model either ONE DC-10 or ONE MD11. more info
MD11 Doors and Windows
1:144 MD11 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $10.00

Decal fits the Welsh kit in 1:144 scale   All MD11s have the same door and window arrangement, check prototype photos for specific blanked window locations. more info
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