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1:100 Aeroflot Tu-154's
1:100 Aeroflot Tu-154s
Our Price: $30.00
Over the years Aeroflot operated a vast fleet of the venerable Tupolev 154. Since there are far too many variations to list, we suggest purchased a copy of  "Tupolev Tu-154, The USSR's Medium-Range Jet Liner " by Dmitriy Komissarov.  This set does not come with any profile drawing and is designed to be used with the various issues of the VEB Tu-154 kit.
Tu-154 Doors, Windows and Windshield
Standard set of doors and windows for the various 1:100 scale Tupolev 154 kits.
Cubana Tu-154s
1:100 Cubana Tu-154s
Our Price: $30.00
Cubana is the national airline of Cubana, and was a Tupolev 154 operator with both the Tu154B-2 and Tu154Ms in the fleet.  This set will letter any of the nine 154s operated by Cubana.
FAA 727-100s
1:100 FAA 727-100s
Our Price: $20.00
Over the years, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has operated an impressive array of different aircraft types.  This decal provides the markings for two Boeing 727-100s that were painted in the white and blue scheme worn during the 1980s.
FedEx 727Fs
1:100 FedEx 727Fs
Our Price: $16.00
Over the years, Federal Express operated a large number of 727-100 and 727-200s. In addition, FedEx operates the last 727 ever built, N217FE. The decal depicts the final scheme used on the 727s with the white fuselage and purple tail.
Braniff "Jellybean" 727-200s
Famous for its colorful paint schemes, Braniff International brightened every airport it operated from.   This decal provides the markings for the Boeing 727-227 for the "Jellybean" scheme of the 1960s.  Only the first three aircraft (N401BN, N402BN and N403BN) were delivered in this scheme, before the "Flying Colors" scheme was adopted.  Most of the fuselage was painted a solid bright color with the extreme lower belly and rear fuselage left bare metal.  N401BN was bright red, N402BN was orange, and N403BN was bright blue.
737-200 Doors and Windows
Decal is for the Entex - Doyusha 737-200 and provides the basic door and window arrangement.
Aerolineas Argentinas "Ticket Electronico" 737-200
In 1998, Argentinan carrier Aerolineas Argentinas painted 737-200 LV-LIW in a special scheme promoting the their electronic ticketing.
1:100 Aerolineas Argentinas 737-200's
Aerolineas Argentinas was a long time user of the venerable 737-200 operating over 50 of the type.  This type has since been retired from the modern Aerolineas Argentinas fleet.  This decal depicts the long-serving Iberia cloned scheme on the 737-200's.
Piedmont Bare Metal - Red 737-200s
This decal provides the markings for the maroon bare metal transition scheme worn by numerous Piedmont 737-200s prior to the merger with USAir in 1989.
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