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737-200 Doors and Windows
1:100 737-200 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $10.00

Decal is for the Entex - Doyusha 737-200 and provides the basic door and window arrangement. more info
Delta "Wavy Gravy" 737-200s
1:100 Delta "Wavy Gravy" 737-200s
Our Price: $15.00

Delta Air Lines operated a large fleet of 737-200s including many frames inherited with the Western Airlines merger.  Delta also ordered some of the last 737-200s to be built.  Our decal depicts the Delta 737-200 fleet as it appeared in their final scheme, sometimes referred to as the “Wavy Gray” scheme. more info
Pan Am Billboard 737-200s
1:100 Pan Am Billboard 737-200s
Our Price: $16.00

Pan American World Airways operated a small fleet of 737-200s on their intra-European routes. A portion of these Pan Am 737-200s received the “billboard” scheme Pan Am adopted prior to their eventual demise. Our decal includes Clipper names for six 737s that received the Billboard scheme.
more info
Aerolineas Argentinas "Ticket Electronico" 737-200
1:100 Aerolineas Argentinas "Ticket Electronico" 737-200
Our Price: $20.00

In 1998, Argentinan carrier Aerolineas Argentinas painted 737-200 LV-LIW in a special scheme promoting the their electronic ticketing. more info
Aeromar 737-200
1:100 Aeromar 737-200
Our Price: $20.00

Decal depicts the sole 737-200 operated by Dominican operator Aeromar. more info
Janet 737-200s "Alien Airways" Area 51 Transport
1:100 Janet 737-200s "Alien Airways" Area 51 Transport
Our Price: $20.00

EG&G Aviation, better known as Janet Airlines, operates a fleet of 737s used to shuttle Defense Department employees and some military personnel between Las Vegas, Area 51, and the Tonopah Test Range. This decal depicts the 737-200s which have since been retired and replaced with six ex-China Airlines 737-600s.
more info
1:100 Aerolineas Argentinas 737-200's
1:100 Aerolineas Argentinas 737-200's
Our Price: $20.00

Aerolineas Argentinas was a long time user of the venerable 737-200 operating over 50 of the type.  This type has since been retired from the modern Aerolineas Argentinas fleet.  This decal depicts the long-serving Iberia cloned scheme on the 737-200's. more info
Canada 3000 737-200s
1:100 Canada 3000 737-200s
Our Price: $20.00

At one point, Canada 3000 was the largest charter airline in the world.  Canada 3000 added the 737-200 to its fleet with the purchase of Royal Airlines in 2001.  These did not last long, as Canada 3000 abruptly shut down in November 2001 ceasing all operations. more info
Piedmont Bare Metal - Red 737-200s
1:100 Piedmont Bare Metal - Red 737-200s
Our Price: $20.00

This decal provides the markings for the maroon bare metal transition scheme worn by numerous Piedmont 737-200s prior to the merger with USAir in 1989. more info
Purdue University 737-200
1:100 Purdue University 737-200
Our Price: $20.00

This decal provides the markings for a 737-200 that was donated to Purdue University by United Airlines in 1999.  Soon after delivery to the university, the aircraft was leased by Boeing for use in airborne flight testing of 737 rudder systems, as part of research into the cause of several rudder hard-over incidents, including the crash of USAir Flight 427 in Pennsylvania. more info
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