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"Saturday Night Special" P-51D
1:24 "Saturday Night Special" P-51D
Our Price: $8.00

In the late 1990s N1451D flew as "Saturday Night Special" with a highly polished finish.  Previously "Unruly Julie" and later becoming "Checkertail Clan", this P-51D was destroyed in a fatal accident in 2014. more info
R.A. "Bob" Hoover P-51D N2251D
1:24 R.A. "Bob" Hoover P-51D N2251D
Our Price: $12.00

Bob Hoover flew P-51D N2251D sponsored by North American and Rockwell for many years before it was seriously damaged when an oxygen bottle burst while being serviced.  This P-51D now flies in France as “Nooky Booky IV”.  Our decal includes both the North American Aviation as well later North American Rockwell titles allowing you to model either version. more info
"Risky Business" P-51D
1:24 "Risky Business" P-51D
Our Price: $12.00

Bill Rheinschild raced "Risky Business" for many years. Our decals depicts it as raced at Reno in 2000. more info
"Silver Spitfire" G-IRTY
1:24 "Silver Spitfire" G-IRTY
Our Price: $12.00

Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc, registered G-IRTY, was restored in this bare metal scheme in preparation for a flight around the world. more info
"Masefield" P-51D N6356T
1:24 "Masefield" P-51D N6356T
Our Price: $12.00

When men were men and you could buy a fighter just for fun, N6356T was operated privately in the UK for a few years in the late 1960s. It had a number of different civilian colour schemes including this simple "Post Office red" and white scheme. The limited markings comprised the registration on the upper rear fuselage sides, a race number on the fin, Tiger Club logos under the cockpit, and engine and aircraft credits on the cowlings and fin respectively. more info
"Bardahl Special" P-51D
1:24 "Bardahl Special" P-51D
Our Price: $16.00

23-year old Chuck Lyford flew this all-white P-51D-25 in the 1964 Harold’s Club Transcontinental Trophy Dash from St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida to Reno Nevada.  After leading the entire race, a serious of events at the end of the race conspired to have Chuck finish 2nd out of the eight P-51s that started the race.  The "Bardahl Special" was unique in this race as Chuck used 150 gallon Skyraider drop tanks to extend his range.  Chuck's "Bardahl Special" also pylon raced at Reno, of course without the drop tanks used in the transcon race.. more info
"Miss America" 1998 P-51D
1:24 "Miss America" 1998 P-51D
Our Price: $16.00

1994 Reno Unlimited Gold winner "Miss America", N991R has been a long-time racer, generally in a relatively stock configuration. It appeared in this version of the well known Miss America scheme at Oshkosh in 1998. The airframe, at this time, had a reduced span tailplane and wings with racing modifications to the wingtips.  Our decal features double-struck opaque white ink. more info
1:24 P-51D CF-FUZ / CF-FFUZ
Our Price: $16.00

Gary McCann's CF-FUZ/C-FFUZ flew from the late 1970s to the late 1990s in this overall gloss black scheme with a white stripe decorated with gold lining.  Our decal includes double-struck white ink. more info
"Miss America" 2000 P-51D
1:24 "Miss America" 2000 P-51D
Our Price: $16.00

"Miss America" has raced for many years in red, white, and blue colour schemes. This variant of its classic older scheme is from the Reno Air Races in 2000. The airframe, at this time, had a reduced span tailplane and wings with racing modifications to the wingtips.  Our decal features double-struck opaque white ink. more info
"Spirit of Phoenix" P-51D
1:24 "Spirit of Phoenix" P-51D
Our Price: $16.00

To publicise the short-lived Phoenix Air Races in the mid-1990s, the Planes of Fame P-51D, N5441V, was given this temporary racing scheme. more info
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