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1:32 scale decals for the Tamiya, Zoukei Mura and Hasegawa kits

Please note we are a "Print Upon Demand Operation," as there is no other way to produce the variety of subjects and scales we offer. Please allow up to 14 to 21 days for your order to be printed and mailed, thank you.
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P-51D "Barbara Jean"
1:32 P-51D "Barbara Jean"
Our Price: $6.00

In 2007 "Barbara Jean" had just been repaired after a serious accident and appeared with temporary and minimal decoration at the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in Columbus, Ohio. more info
"Saturday Night Special" P-51D
1:32 "Saturday Night Special" P-51D
Our Price: $6.00

In the late 1990s N1451D flew as "Saturday Night Special" with a highly polished finish.  Previously "Unruly Julie" and later becoming "Checkertail Clan", this P-51D was destroyed in a fatal accident in 2014. more info
1:32 "Merlin's Magic" P-51D
1:32 "Merlin's Magic" P-51D
Our Price: $10.00

Owned by the Eberhardt family,  this stock appearing Mustang has been racing at Reno since 1986,  suffering a major incident at Reno in 2006 and has been slowly working it way back to the Gold Race ever since. more info
"Bardahl Special" P-51D
1:32 "Bardahl Special" P-51D
Our Price: $10.00

23-year old Chuck Lyford flew this all-white P-51D-25 in the 1964 Harold’s Club Transcontinental Trophy Dash from St. Petersburg/Clearwater, Florida to Reno Nevada.  After leading the entire race, a serious of events at the end of the race conspired to have Chuck finish 2nd out of the eight P-51s that started the race.  The "Bardahl Special" was unique in this race as Chuck used 150 gallon Skyraider drop tanks to extend his range.  Chuck's "Bardahl Special" also pylon raced at Reno, of course without the drop tanks used in the transcon race.. more info
P-51A "Polar Bear"
1:32 P-51A "Polar Bear"
Our Price: $10.00

"Polar Bear" is a rare Allison-powered P-51A Mustang.   This decal represents this Mustang as it appeared at Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in Columbus, Ohio during 2007. more info
R.A. "Bob" Hoover P-51D N2251D
1:32 R.A. "Bob" Hoover P-51D N2251D
Our Price: $10.00

Bob Hoover flew P-51D N2251D sponsored by North American and Rockwell for many years before it was seriously damaged when an oxygen bottle burst while being serviced.  This P-51D now flies in France as “Nooky Booky IV”.  Our decal includes both the North American Aviation as well later North American Rockwell titles allowing you to model either version. more info
P-51D "Betty Boop"
1:32 P-51D "Betty Boop"
Our Price: $10.00

Jimmy Leeward’s N55JL, normally flown as “Cloud Dancer” appeared at the Gathering of Mustangs in 1999 in a simple USAAF scheme and named “Betty Boop” .  This decal represents this Mustang as it appeared at Gathering of Mustangs in 1999. more info
"Louisiana Kid" P-51D
1:32 "Louisiana Kid" P-51D
Our Price: $10.00

"Louisiana Kid", N6328T, is based in Germany and flies in an interpretation of a 378th FS, 361st FG scheme.  It has been a regular flyer in Europe since moving to Germany in about 2012. more info
"Spam Can" P-51D
1:32 "Spam Can" P-51D
Our Price: $10.00

"Spam Can” is one of the longest-serving civilian-owned P-51s and has flown in numerous markings including this relatively simple USAAF scheme of the 530th FS/311th FG/10th Air Force.  This decal represents this Mustang as it appeared at Gathering of Mustangs in 1999. more info
P-51D 44-73420
1:32 P-51D 44-73420
Our Price: $10.00

At the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in 2007, 44-73420 (N7722C) had recently completed a restoration on behalf of owner Jack Croul as a factory-fresh aircraft. At that time the aircraft sported the small battery vent on the lower left engine cowling and a single circular rear-view mirror. By 2014, with a new owner, both of these features had been removed and the aircraft had become NL151AM. The aircraft regularly participates in commemorative flyovers, occasionally with special nose art, e.g. "Chooch II" (not sure if this was marked on both sides) and, for the VE-Day commemoration in 2015, "Dorrie H" (on both sides). This decal represents this Mustang as it appeared at Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in Columbus, Ohio in 2007 and also includes the "Chooch II" and "Dorrie H" nose art. more info
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