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"Bardahl Lightning" P-38L N74883
1:144 "Bardahl Lightning" P-38L N74883
Our Price: $3.00

Chuck Lyford flew Larry Blummer's P-38L in this sharp yellow scheme. Chuck flew less than a dozen performances in the "Bardahl Lightning" in 1968-69. more info
1:144 Northwest L-10A Electras
1:144 Northwest L-10A Electras
Our Price: $5.00

Starting in 1934, Northwest operated a fleet of 14 L-10A Electras.  This were powered by Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Juniors which produced 450 hp each.  This set can depict either the early or later scheme used by Northwest on the Electras. more info
USAF Learjet C-21s
1:144 USAF Learjet C-21s
Our Price: $5.00

The C-21 is the military version of the Learjet 35A. The C-21's were delivered in 1984 and 1985, and in 1987 all US-based C-21's were assigned to the Air Mobility Command with the 375th Airlift Wing at Scott AFB.  There are currently 34 C-21's assigned to active forces, and 21 are now assigned to ANG units.  This set includes tailbands for USAFE, MAC, AMC and PACAF. more info
NASA S-3B Viking
1:144 NASA S-3B Viking N601NA
Our Price: $5.00

Decal depicts the Lockheed S-3B Viking that the NASA Glenn Research Center acquired in 2008.  Be certain to check out the extensive set of detail photos we have posted on our Flickr site: more info
Tony LeVier P-38L NX21764
1:144 Tony LeVier P-38L NX21764
Our Price: $5.00

Tony Levier flew in the 1946 National Air Races with a mildly modified P-38L Lightning.  He placed second in the Thompson Trophy race behind Tex Johnson.  Our decal depicts Tony's mildly modified P-38L as it appeared in the 1946 and 1947 National Air Races and features double-struck white ink. more info
"Bardahl Lightning" P-38L N74883
1:72 "Bardahl Lightning" P-38L N74883
Our Price: $5.00

Chuck Lyford flew Larry Blummer's P-38L in this sharp yellow scheme. Chuck flew less than a dozen performances in the "Bardahl Lightning" in 1968-69. more info
"YIPPEE" P-38J 42-3296
1:144 "YIPPEE" P-38J 42-3296
Our Price: $5.00

Vermilion red P-38J-20 44-23296 was the 5000th P-38 built, and was painted with large “YIPPEE” titles on the lower wing.  After a brief period, this milestone P-38 was stripped and military markings applied prior to being sent to the pacific theater where it served with the 475th Fighter Group.  Our YIPPEE decal features double-struck white ink to remain opaque over the vermilion red paint. more info
Aero Union P-3 Orion Tankers
1:200 Aero Union P-3 Orion Tankers
Our Price: $6.00

Chico, California based Aero Union is the largest air tanker operation in the United States. Over the years, Aero Union has operated a variety of types including the B-17, DC-4 and the P-3 Orion. Aero Union operated a fleet of eight P-3s under contract to the US Forest Service until shutting down in 2012.  Our Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decal features double-struck white ink in order for this decal to remain opaque. more info
Lockheed U-2A 56-6696
1:144 Lockheed U-2A 56-6696
Our Price: $6.00

Lockheed U-2A, 56-6696, Article # 363 was delivered in December 1956 to Groom Lake.  Damaged in a landing accident in early 1956, it was repaired by July and transferred to the Strategic Air Command, 4080th SRW at Laughlin AFB, Texas.  696 crashed on March 22, 1966 near Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ with pilot Chinese Air Force Capt. Andy Fan ejecting safely. more info
Lockheed U-2A 56-6701
1:144 Lockheed U-2A 56-6701
Our Price: $6.00

Lockheed U-2A article 368/56-701 was delivered in March 1957 to USAF at Groom Lake. Used by Special Projects Branch of ARDC at Edwards AFB, California until transferred to SAC in 1966 and was later converted to U2-C by November 1966 then on to flyable storage at Davis-Monthan in 1969. 56-6701 was then configured for ALSS project in 1972. In late 1980 it was delivered to the SAC Museum at Offutt AFB, Nebraska where is resides today. more info
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