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In addition to the 1:100 decals listed on this page, we can print any existing 1:144 scale sheet we offer in 1:100 scale.  To order a 1:100 scale version of one of our 1:144 sets, simply order TWO of the 1:144 scale sets and place a note in the order comments that you want one set printed in 1:100 scale.  The 1:100 scale sets are twice the price of the 1:144 ones.
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ADF Antennas
1:100 ADF Antennas
Our Price: $4.00

This set is for the ADF "tear-drop" shaped antennas on top of modern jetliners, both black and white versions are included. more info
Tu-154 Doors, Windows and Windshield
1:100 Tu-154 Doors, Windows and Windshield
Our Price: $8.00

Standard set of doors and windows for the various 1:100 scale Tupolev 154 kits. more info
Northwest L-188 Electras
1:115 Northwest L-188 Electras
Our Price: $8.00

Basic marking for the Northwest L-188 Electras. Note this decal does NOT include any profiles or placement diagrams. What you see is exactly what you get.
more info
737-200 Doors and Windows
1:100 737-200 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $10.00

Decal is for the Entex - Doyusha 737-200 and provides the basic door and window arrangement. more info
1:100 DC-9-30 Doors and Windows
1:100 DC-9-30 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $10.00

Decal is designed to fit a DC-9-30 kit, please note the Nitto / Doyusha kit is a DC-9-40 which is longer than a -30.  Use this set to create your own DC-9-30 scheme. more info
Embraer E175 Doors and Windows
1:100 Embraer E175 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $10.00

This decal provides the standard doors and windows, cockpit, stab position stencils and wing markings for the Tamiya Embraer 175 kit. more info
767-200 Doors and Windows
1:100 767-200 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $12.00

First flown in 1982, the 767-200 opened the era of the medium-sized widebody twin.  While 767-200s have left the fleets of scheduled carriers, many still soldier on with second tier carriers as well as some being converted into VIP transports. more info
727-100 Doors and Windows
1:100 727-100 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $12.00

The 727-100 was the first version of the very popular Boeing tri-jet, very few of which are still in service.  This set offers a generic door and window set for most any livery you want to create. more info
Aero Union P-3 Orion Tankers
1:115 Aero Union P-3 Orion Tankers
Our Price: $12.00

Chico, California based Aero Union is the largest air tanker operation in the United States. Over the years, Aero Union has operated a variety of types including the B-17, DC-4 and the P-3 Orion. Aero Union operated a fleet of eight P-3s under contract to the US Forest Service until shutting down in 2012.  Our Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decal features double-struck white ink in order for this decal to remain opaque. more info
727-200 Doors and Windows
1:100 727-200 Doors and Windows
Our Price: $12.00

Decal depicts a standard door and window configuration for a 727-200, for the Entex - Nitto - Doyusha kit in 1:100 scale.  Our decal has been updated with new cargo doors, static ports and pitots. more info
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