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CSA Skyteam ATR42
1:144 CSA Skyteam ATR42
Our Price: $8.00

CSA Czech Airlines was one of the first Skyteam Alliance member airlines to paint an aircraft in the special Skyteam colors.  The aircraft that received the new scheme was also the smallest aircraft type to wear Skyteam colors - ATR42 OK-JFL. more info
1:144 alsieexpress ATR72
1:144 alsieexpress ATR72
Our Price: $8.00

Alsie Express is a new ATR 72-500 operator based in Denmark. The airline began operations in late 2013, and currently have two aircraft in the fleet. The aircraft feature a unique color choice, which lends itself to one of the company's advertising slogans: "Now you can fly back in black to Copenhagen"
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Pan Am Express ATR-42s
1:144 Pan Am Express ATR-42s
Our Price: $8.00

For a 4-year period from 1987 until Pan Am folded in 1991, Pan Am Express had a fleet of 11 ATR 42 turboprops.  The aircraft were delivered in the then-current Billboard color scheme.  This decal provides the markings for these aircraft. more info
Tarom Skyteam ATR42
1:144 Tarom Skyteam ATR42
Our Price: $8.00

Tarom Airlines of Romania, as a member of the Skyteam Alliance, operates several aircraft in the Skyteam color scheme.  This includes ATR 42 YR-ATC.  The markings vary slightly from the other ATR 42 in Skyteam colors flown by CSA Airlines. more info
Japan Air Commuter ATR42s
1:144 Japan Air Commuter ATR42s
Our Price: $8.00

Japan Air Commuter has steadily adding ATR turboprops to its fleet replace the smaller Saab 340s.  Currently four ATR42-600s are operated in the simple Japan Airlines colors along with three others in special schemes.  Our decal depicts the standard Japan Air Commuter scheme. more info
Hokkaido Air System ATR42s
1:144 Hokkaido Air System ATR42s
Our Price: $8.00

Hokkaido Air System started operations in 1998 as a joint venture with the Hokkaido government and regional municipalities and businesses.  In 2016, HAC became a subsidiary of Japan Airlines and adopted the current JAL scheme.  HAC’s first of three ATR42-600s arrived at the end 2019 which our decal depicts in the standard scheme. more info
1:144 HAC ATR42 JA11HC
Our Price: $8.00

HAC’s first ATR42, JA11HC feature’s a special marking to promote the island of Hokkaido. The snow crystals on the port side reflect the six destinations HAC serve complimented with a local “Ezo Red Fox” greeting the passengers, while the starboard side is decorated with local seafood Salmon, Sea Urchin, Seaweed and Scallop. Our decal depicts JA811HC in this unique scheme.
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Japan Air Commuter ATR72s
1:144 Japan Air Commuter ATR72s
Our Price: $8.00

In 2019, Japan Air Commuter took delivery of its first ATR72.  The airline had converted two frames of its order for the shorter ATR42-600s in to the longer ATR72-600 variant.  As it turned out, the first frame delivered, JA06JC, was the 1500th ATR to be delivered.  This decal provides the markings for the two aircraft in the fleet. more info
CSA Skyteam ATR72
1:144 CSA Skyteam ATR72
Our Price: $10.00

Having already painted an ATR42 in the special Skyteam colors, CSA Czech Airlines painted two of its larger ATR72s in the same scheme.  OK-GFR and OK-YFT join OK-JFL and a Tarom ATR 42 as the only props wearing any Alliance special color scheme.  (At one time, Tyrolean’sDash 8-400Q OE-LGC wore Star Alliance colors, but it has since been repainted). more info
FedEx ATR42 / ATR72s
1:144 FedEx ATR42 / ATR72s
Our Price: $10.00

U.S. express carrier FedEx Express began replacing its aging Fokker F-27s in 2003 with ATR aircraft.  The initial batch consisted of ATR-42s from Continental Express, though the fleet has grown to include the larger ATR-72 as well.  The aircraft are operated by Mountain Air Cargo and Empire Airlines in the US, Morningstar Air Cargo in Canada, Swiftair Cargo in Spain, and Air Contractors, based in Dublin, Ireland.  This decal provides the markings to model any ONE aircraft in the fleet. more info
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