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1:144 Aero Union B-17 Tankers
1:144 Aero Union B-17 Tankers
Our Price: $5.00

Chico, California based Aero Union operated four B-17 fire bombers during the 1970's.  This set will depict any one of the four aircraft.  Set includes detailed aircraft profiles and histories on the two-sided instruction sheet.  For the Minicraft kit in 1:144 scale. more info
Aero Union P-3 Orion Tankers
1:200 Aero Union P-3 Orion Tankers
Our Price: $6.00

Chico, California based Aero Union is the largest air tanker operation in the United States. Over the years, Aero Union has operated a variety of types including the B-17, DC-4 and the P-3 Orion. Aero Union operated a fleet of eight P-3s under contract to the US Forest Service until shutting down in 2012.  Our Next Generation DIGITAL Silk decal features double-struck white ink in order for this decal to remain opaque. more info
Emery Worldwide 727-200Fs
1:200 Emery Worldwide 727-200Fs
Our Price: $8.00

Prior to the termination of a long-term contract in 2004, Ryan International Airlines operated 11 Boeing 727-200 freighters for Emery Worldwide, in full Emery colors.  The aircraft were owned by Emery, but leased to Ryan.  Eight non-advanced ex-United Airlines 727-222s were acquired in 1994-95, followed by three Advanced 727-225s in 1999 (coming from Northwest Airlines). more info
Emery Worldwide 727-100Fs
1:200 Emery Worldwide 727-100Fs
Our Price: $8.00

At one time, Emery Worldwide owned a large fleet of Boeing 727-100 aircraft.  Throughout most of their time with Emery, the aircraft were operated under contract by Ryan International Airlines in Emery colors.  The aircraft were acquired beginning in the 1980s, and originally operated in a mostly red color scheme.  In the late 80s, Emery adopted a new livery featuring red and green stripes depicted by this set. more info
Custom Air Transport 727-200Fs
1:200 Custom Air Transport 727-200Fs
Our Price: $8.00

Founded in 1995, Custom Air Transport (CAT) was a U.S. charter cargo airline.   Custom Air introduced a new paint scheme for its Boeing 727-200 fleet in 2004, appropriately with a cat logo on the tail.  Though the airline has operated 727-100s in the past, only the 727-200s received this new livery.  CAT eventually was shut down in 2012. more info
FedEx 727Fs
1:200 FedEx 727Fs
Our Price: $8.00

Over the years, Federal Express operated a large number of 727-100 and 727-200s. In addition, FedEx operates the last 727 ever built, N217FE.   The decal depicts the final scheme used on the 727s with the white fuselage and purple tail. more info
1:200 Bluebird Cargo 737-300/-400F's
1:200 Bluebird Cargo 737-300/-400F's
Our Price: $8.00

Bluebird Cargo was founded in 2000 by a group of aviation professionals.  The airline began operations in 2001, and was purchased by the Icelandair Group in 2005.  Bluebird provides scheduled and ACMI cargo operations from Iceland and throughout Europe.  The fleet consists of 2 Boeing 737-400s (TF-BBA, -BBB) and 5 737-300s (TF-BBC, -BBD, -BBE, -BBF, and -BBG). more info
1:200 FedEx 757's
1:200 FedEx 757's
Our Price: $8.00

In 2007, FedEx announced its decision to begin replacing its aging Boeing 727 freighter fleet with second-hand Boeing 757's.  Current plans are for 90 aircraft to be acquired.  The first aircraft to complete the conversion process and be delivered in full FedEx colors is N901FD.  The aircraft wears the standard FedEx color scheme featuring a white fuselage and purple tail.  FedEx operates both Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney powered versions of the 757 "Sexy Jet." more info
Our Price: $8.00

Boeing's desperate efforts to prolong the life of the C-17A Globemaster III production line finally yielded fruit when three airlines ordered the civilian version of the cargo aircraft, the BC-17A.  The real surprise of the bunch was FedEx.  The BC-17A order was the culmination of FedEx's efforts to move into the outsized and heavy freight market.  Aircraft are being delivered in the current FedEx colors, featuring a white fuselage, winglets and engine nacelles, with a purple rear fuselage and vertical stabilizer. more info
Everts Air Fuel C-46 "Salmonella"
1:144 Everts Air Fuel C-46 "Salmonella"
Our Price: $8.00

Everts Air Fuel is the sister company to Everts Air Cargo, both Part 121 operators in Alaska.  C-46F N1822M “Salmon Ella”  was built in 1945 and is one of two C-46s operated by Everts Air Fuel.  Paint the entire fuselage natural metal. Prop tips are a single band of yellow.  Numerous photos are available on line at the various sites. more info
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